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The Magestic Folawiyo Towers - Matt's Africa Adventure [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Magestic Folawiyo Towers [Jul. 11th, 2006|05:04 pm]
The apartment is situated in an area of Lagos called Apapa. Apapa is to Lagos as Cambridge is to Massachusetts, geographically speaking. After some maneuvering up and down the roads, you come to a large red gate, which is the entrance to my neighborhood. A few more twists and turns and you arrive at another gate. A honk or two of the horn, and two security guards open the gate and lets you in. Once you park, you look up to a large twelve-story building called Folawiyo Towers. This is my apartment building and I think is the tallest building in Apapa. After a ride up in a sketchy elevator, you get off at the seventh floor. Our flat is the only one on the floor and is, with out a doubt, twice as big as 581. 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, huge living room, dining room, huge kitchen, laundry room, walk in pantry, and my favorite, the deck!. The place has an AC unit in every room, we have satellite TV, and a maid that lives downstairs. Growing up I had a house keeper that would come once or twice a week and help my mom clean, and sometimes cook. This is a whole new ball game. The maid's name is Ouce (oo-chi)and she comes in at 7am everyday except Sundays. She does everything from make sure we are up in the morning, makes coffee , breakfast, cleans, does laundry, and irons everything! I never have had my underwear ironed before. It is a bit daunting I must say. When we are at work, she cleans every room, goes grocery shopping, and just sits around the house until we get back when she makes dinner. So far, she has made a few African dish which was pretty good. One of them is called moin moin which is like this bean curd paste wrapped in banana leaves and boiled. By itself it is quite bland, however it is very spongy and porous so when you put it in something it absorbs all the flavor. The second thing she made was called pepper soup. Basically, it is a beef broth with hot peppers, onions, some kind of parsley-esque plant, and some other random spices. It was the kind of spicy that hits you after you swallow the food. We put the moin moin in the pepper soup and it was fantastic.I have cooked the rest of the nights. We always eat out on the deck. Since we are on the seventh floor it is quite breezy, so you actually get some fresh air. The apartment also has a well maintained pool, a tennis court, and a playground all within the gates.

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